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Greg Burrows (USA), Composer/Percussionist, Summer 2005

Michael Edward Edgerton (USA), Composer, Summer 2000

"Polli Talu: a unique place for creation. Marika was mostly my sole companion during these days and really wonderful to be around. The air is special there. The images are stark and strong - the living hard and real. I really liked very much the Estonian people I met. Now, of course Tallinn is great and the girls exotic and beautiful, but Polli and its birds and kitties are inspiring in different ways. My piece KALEVI MATUS attempts to capture the wild spirit of the land and the playful spirit of the otherworld that exists just beyond reach. The light is mystical and the eyes everpresent. The night is DARK. But the feeling is light. The thatched houses are cool and the stoves warm.
A real great place to energize and laugh. Nothing quite like this homestead near the sea."

Claire Filmon (France), Choreographer/Improvisor, Summer 2003, 2004

Peter Griggs (USA/Germany) composer/guitarist summer 2004

Gamelan Son of Lion (USA), Gamelan ensemble, Summer 2003

Ulvi Haagensen (Australia/Estonia), Metal Artist, Summer 2002

(with support from Kultuurkapital, Estonia)

"Let me tell you about a perfect summer place, where there is an empty spacious studio with a high loft ceiling waiting to be filled with ideas and work. The large double doors of this studio open onto a view of an old log and stone farmhouse, with a thatched reed roof, stately linden trees stand tall beyond it and between the farmhouse and one of the outhouses you catch a glimpse of a distant green, green field. You have no responsibilities, all your meals are provided and the food is excellent. Imagine an old wooden table in a large kitchen with a smoke blackened ceiling, the table is set, candles have been lit, a feta and broccoli quiche, black rye bread and salad made from garden fresh produce are waiting to be eaten, to be followed by fresh peppermint tea brewing golden yellow in a glass teapot. At this place all your time is yours and you can work uninterrupted on your art all day and all night too if you want because being summer and being Estonia it never really gets dark."

Kärt Hellermaa (Estonia), Writer, Summer 2002

Michelle Irving (Canada), Video Artist/Composer for electronic music, Summer 2002

(with support from Someone Else, Montreal)

"It's all about perfect timing, and then the 'pilgrimage' to get there. Then when you get there you're relieved, like you've come home. Polli Talu and its people create a safe, still place that allows you to create from the most honest place. I didn't fully realize it until weeks later, but my whole perspective on how I wanted to approach video making changed during my residency.
Polli Talu's integration of creative and healing arts, and the land was key to the kind of experience I had there. It wasn't just about having focused time and a studio. It was a communion with myself, my practice, and the place."

Gregor Kamnikar (Slovenia), Choreographer/Dancer, Summer 2002

(with support from the Cultural Ministry, Slovenia)

Jarmila Kavena (Czech Republic/Canada), Sculptor/Installation Artist, Summer 2003

Patrick Kikut (USA), Painter, Summer 2002

(with support from Estonian Arts and Letters, New York)

"Polli Talu was a great gift: a gift of time as well as a beautiful space to work on ideas that were generated from being in Estonia. The two weeks I spent at Polli Talu were relaxed yet inspirational. What I will remember most about Polli Talu is an infectious beauty and pride that lives there. I believe this beauty and pride can be seen in the paintings and drawings I made while I was there."

Constance Kilgore (USA), Painter, Summer 2002, 2004

Roman Kostal (Slovenia), Gestalt Therapist/Performer, Summer 2002

(with support from the Cultural Ministry, Slovenia)

Mieczyslaw Litwinski, Composer/ Vocalist and Zuzanna Krasoczko, Vocalist, (Poland), Summer 2003

MAP Intermedia Performance Collaboration (USA):
Brendan McCall (movement), N.B.Aldrich (sound) and Zach Poff (video), Summer 2004

Ursula Scherrer (Switzerland/USA), Video Artist, Summer 2003 and Summer 2005

(with support from CEC ArtsLink, USA)

Michael J. Schumacher (USA), Composer, Summer 2005

(with support from CEC ArtsLink, USA)

Stˇphane (France), contact improviser/performer, Summer 2004

Peter Toy (Australia), Video / Performance Artist, Summer 2005


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