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Estonians look back at 5,000 years of prehistory and history, from the earliest nomadic tribes settling the land, whose ancestors originated from lands as distant as the Yenisei River in Mongolia, to becoming the object of desire for numerous European invaders, conquerors and rulers. Only once prior to its newly regained independence, did Estonia enjoy a 20-year period of independence and peace between the two World Wars.

Despite an impressive list of foreign occupation of Estonia, it can be safely said, that the recent fifty years of communist control mark the most devastating period in Estonian history -- one that nearly destroyed environmental, economical and cultural life.

The dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 opened doors to cultural development, economic recovery and growth, environmental awareness and restoration, and personal freedom. Estonia is once again a member of a world community of free and democratic countries.

It is in this context that Polli Talu Arts Center can make a valuable contribution towards the integration and exchange of ideas, nationally and globally, enriching the current developments with a holistic point of view.

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